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Our non negotiable - exclusivity

Engaging multiple agencies to fill your position may seem logical. 

‘The more agencies I employ to seek my ideal candidate the wider the net which will increase my chances of finding the ideal candidate’.

No brainer right? A faster and more efficient talent search. Unfortunately this couldn’t be further from the truth. Heres just a few reasons why we will only work exclusively with our clients:

Bottom of the pile. 

When a client engages 5 or 6 agencies that role goes to the bottom of the pile. Agencies will without fail prioritise and spend the majority of their time filling roles with exclusive clients. Its simple time management economics. Recruiters will focus their efforts on the roles they have the best chance of filling. Competing with 5 or 6 agencies significantly reduces those chances. This means the role receives less exposure and ultimately less time and care from talent resourcers. 

A shoddy job. 

When a recruiter learns they are in competition with 5 or 6 other agencies, a priority for speed over quality ensues. This approach undoubtedly presents faster results though increases the chances of having to re-engage a recruiter a few months down the line. 

Time wasting. 

House managers/ Pas/ Hiring managers are busy people. It is unlikely you will brief 5 or 6 different agencies with the same care and detail as you would do with 1. Building a relationship with an agency, allowing them to really understand the principals unique set of circumstances is vital, not just for the advertised role but indeed for inevitable positions that will open in the future. Like most things, investing time now reaps rewards later. 


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